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Le Castellet, 2760 Rte des Hauts du Camp, 83330 Le Castellet, France


The FK Cars Private Track Day at Le Castellet is an exclusive  motorsports event, featuring an incredible day of high-speed thrills and  unparalleled racing action. 

With the entire circuit privatized just for  you and a select group of car enthusiasts, you'll have the chance to  push your driving skills to the limit on one of the most challenging and  prestigious tracks in the world.

Join us for an unforgettable day, and an unbeatable  opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. 


This is a private  track day experience like no other!


Event Programme

March 27th 2023

  • Open Pit Lane at the Castellet 'Paul Ricard'

  • Lunch included, prices in EUROS.


Price List

  • Road Car: 1300 

  • Race Car: 2300 

  • Pit box: 1100 

  • Additional Pilot: 300 

  • Coaching (half day): 500 

  • Coaching (full day): 900 

  • Guest Pass: 150 

FK Cars photos - Credits Léandre Loyseau00063.jpeg

Reserve Your Place 

Price: Road Car 1,300 EUR Race Car 2300 EUR Pit Box 1,100 EUR

Thank you!

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